Sunday, July 23, 2006

Untapped Resevoir!

I came up with some good ideas, I think, for Steel Doughnuts, but was never able to do them justice. I never posted them, but I still think they are funny concepts.

I had what I thought to be a really good idea for an article a few months ago. It would be a diary of sorts, about a man who was turning into the lead singer from My Chemical Romance. To anyone with any musical taste or morals, this would be a fate worse than death. I probably would have written it similar to what I imagine A Werewolf In London is like.

Another idea, maybe even older than the My Chemical Romance monster idea, was something about a war diary. I don't quite remember it, but the enemy would have been something like taco people or maybe it was emo-punk music... It seemed like a good idea at the time, but clearly it musn't have been that great, since I can't even remember it.

My favorite idea, which has only partially been realized, is giant robots fighting with submarine sandwiches. Someday, I will create something around this idea. And it will be grand.

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