Wednesday, October 04, 2006


College professors become some of the most awkward people alive when a guest speaker is taking their place. Out of their element, they lean against the wall, like the shy kid at the dance. "I don't even want to dance, I like leaning up against the wall by myself with my arms crossed." In order to feel like they aren't wasting their time, they usually just pick random words or phrases that the speaker has just said, and write them on the blackboard. I don't know why my comparative literature professor decided it was important for me to remember "Cory" or "boing boing," but I find it hilarious.

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Adam Fonzarelli said...

I agree, the best of my blog is the link to yours. It allows people to see what crap the internet will actually show, and then they come crawling home to Big Poppa Adam and his hilarity.