Wednesday, November 29, 2006


She wasn't responding well to my jokes. Back home, most people seemed to get me, but around here, people don't laugh as much as I'd like. It was around this time that I started to lose confidence in my sense of humor. "I just have a really bad headache right now," she said.

Rather than respond with compassion or something admirable like that, I fell back on the one thing I knew, the same thing I was losing faith in: my sense of humor. "You know what my mom used to say was the best remedy for a headache?" I asked.

"What?" she said, knowing I would be no help.

"It was either a hug or a beating..." I guess this is as close as I was going to get to being sweet.

"You don't remember?" She seemed fed up.

"Well, my memory has gotten really bad from all the beatings." And so, I sealed my fate.

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