Thursday, April 12, 2007

Poetry & Phrases That Need To Go: The Becausening

I hate poetry. I hate it. Stop telling me that the poet's use of the same word three times gives it extra meaning. The only thing that means is the author needs to buy a thesaurus. Also, enough with alliteration. I'm serious, it needs to stop. It's unnatural, and it doesn't even sound pretty, so why are people still doing it? Also, be a little less vague. Anyone can write something nobody understands; people do it every day in English Writing 112. What is the true mark of skill in a writer is clarity.

Phrases That Need To Go

On a side note, can people please, please, stop saying "hence why." I hate that. If you people would just think for a second, you would realize why this sounds horrible. Hence means "for this reason." Now, say that instead of "hence."

"I am an idiot, hence why I construct my sentences in this manner." - ASSHOLE
"I am an idiot, for this reason why I construct my sentences in this manner." - SEE?
"I have a basic understanding of the English language, hence I construct my sentences in this manner." - BEARABLE

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